What School did Justin Bieber Go To?

What school did Justin Bieber go to? Many fans wonder about this especially since he had just turned 18 and a number of people presume that he still attends school.

Justin Bieber is probably the busiest teen in Hollywood today. He has plenty of things to do, including TV appearances, concerts, rehearsals, recordings, music video shoots and tours. He travels to different parts of the world performing his phenomenal hits, promoting his album and visiting his fans. This makes everyone ask if the pop sensation still has time for studies and what school di Justin Bieber go to?

Bieber was just an ordinary boy in Canada before he rose to fame. He went to public school but failed to enter high school because his music career robbed him the time. But despite his busy life, Justin still values the importance of education and is now home schooled. In fact, he has a private tutor who travels with him wherever he goes.

His early childhood education has helped him speak French fluently. Some of the schools Bieber attended are:

  • Jeanne Sauve Catholic School
  • Avon Public School
  • Downie Central Public School

Justin Bieber Homeschooling

Due to his busy schedule and popularity, home schooling is the finest way for Bieber to continue his studies. He is a phenomenal teen sensation and attending regular school subjects him to relentless stress by being hounded by his school and class mates. Home schooling allows him to accomplish his musical commitments while still caring for his studies. He has a private tutor who goes with him and keep track of his studies. Bieber revealed that he follows the same curriculum that most teenagers are being taught so as to avoid missing out on main subjects.

Justin seems to be fine being home schooled and does not miss attending regular classes in mainstream schools. Besides, he hates high school drama and all the drama he experiences in Hollywood is enough for any youth to handle. Even so, he expressed plans of going to college someday but his current priority is his music career. There have been individuals who made it big in their chosen craft despite being home schooled and Bieber never stops honing his crafts to become a better artist.


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